Do you have stacks of partly used planners lying around that you tried and abandoned? Have you tried to set up organizing systems in your home only to have them fall apart a few weeks or months later? Do you wish you could finally get organized once and for all?
Then this free email course is for you. I’ll show you:
  • The secret to staying organized long term (not just getting organized in January and forgetting about it by February)
  • How to find the right organizing system for you (hint: the same thing doesn’t work for everyone)
  • My favorite and most effective productivity trick
  • How to tackle the big projects without getting overwhelmed
  • What to do when you fall off the wagon (because let’s face it: life happens)
  • Manageable ways to find more time to do what you love
Trust me, I know the last thing you need is another lengthy, complicated course on your plate, so we’re going to keep it quick and simple! You will receive one lesson each day, and the things you learn can be implemented in just a few minutes a day.
I promise it will be one of the simplest but most highly impactful courses you’ve taken, but I don’t promise it will be easy. Most things worth having are worth working for, so I encourage you to really set aside a few minutes each week and really commit to fully participating in each of the lessons.
I’m Laura, and I heart planners, organizing, and chocolate. I want to show the principles that help me manage a growing business, a home, a toddler, and a baby while keep my sanity (most of the time).
I'm the author of the I Heart Planners blog where I've helped thousands of people get organized.
I promise you are in the right place!
 Join the thousands of people that I've helped get organized.
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